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About Us aims to serve as a transitional tool for young adults learning to cook for themselves. We provide simple recipes and college cooking related know-how and humor to you, the student. Constructed from the ground up while we were students, we strive to be both educational and entertaining—while strutting a pleasant user interface and mouth-watering photographs, of course.

Dreamed up in 2011 and launched in 2012, the site has two co-founders: Justin Farber and Ronald Farber. By chance granting us each a specific set of skills, we’ve been able to keep the entire endeavor in the family; Justin and Ronald, the Farber brothers (as they’re known back home). More detailed bios of our team are below, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Justin Farber

Justin is one of the site Co-Founder’s, CEO and current Editor and Chef. A long time food lover, and a longer time food eater. Justin is responsible for the original conception of the site one fateful night while preparing gourmet Ramen noodles. Justin is presently responsible for business development, editorial and content management, and questionable recipe taste-testing.

Ronald Farber

Ronald Farber, CCO, Minneapolis based motion designer by day, web developer by night, and wanna be food geek in the moments in between. Responsible for design and development site-wide, Ronald strives to think up new ways to make the site bigger, better, and more robust.