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Japanese, Chinese & otherwise Asian recipes rest here. Asian food, though not always filling, is nearly always delicious and tasty—especially when the recipes come from us. So for tonight, put the deep-fried burger down and enjoy a dish of Asian influence.

Asian Stir Fry

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Sick of ordering greasy food from your local Chinese joint? Not a problem. Cook it at home with this healthy, easy Asian stir fry recipe. Plus, stir fry at home is significantly cheaper!

Low-Carb Thai Flatbread Pizza

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Let’s admit it, pizza can be kind of boring. After weeks of ordering the same Domino’s special (and developing familiarity with their staff), it is time to stay in and try something fresh and different. Enter the homemade Low-Carb Thai Flatbread Pizza: a delicious, easy-to-create indulgence that you can tell mom about without feeling embarrassed. After all, each slice is made with all-natural ingredients.

Thai Lettuce Wraps

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Not only is this recipe bursting with flavors, it is packed with plenty of veggies and protein so you don’t have to feel guilty about going for seconds (or thirds). One of the best things about this recipe is that you or your guests can tailor it to your specific tastes with the plentiful toppings that are offered. Pick and choose away!