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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we have the best breakfast recipes known to man. Below, find quick and easy recipes to start off your day right.

Overnight Oats

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In college it can be difficult to find motivation to make breakfast in the morning. While some contend that it is easiest to skip the most important meal of the day, there exists a better alternative: Overnight Oats. This marvelous fix is cheap, easy, and best of all, healthy. Not to mention, the preparation is so easy you can do it in your sleep!

Low Carb Eggs & Peppers Tortilla Wrap

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This healthy morning recipe is a fun project that produces a glorious finished dish. Low-carb and low-fat, enjoy this meal without regret.

Bacon, Ham & Cheese English Muffin

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This fix is protein-packed and morning-friendly. With a short-five minute preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast and still have time to shower!

Two Minute Microwave Breakfast

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No college student has time to whip up a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs type breakfast on a weekday morning chock full of classes and hectic commutes. Most are lucky enough to grab a pop tart on their way out the door. With this recipe you can say goodbye to your days of unsatisfying (and unhealthy) pre-packaged breakfasts. Rejoice hungry college students everywhere because a healthy, easy and quick breakfast is no longer out of reach. If you can press the start button on a microwave, then you can make this breakfast no problem.

Buffalo Chicken Omelet

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Do you subscribe to the notion that certain meals are better if they make sweat bead up on your forehead? Perhaps even your upper lip? Even breakfast? Have you ever taken shots of tabasco just for the hell of it? Well then my friend, this is the omelet for you.