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Your plate being clean does not mean that the meal is over. Here you’ll find fast and easy desserts options that provide a delicious finish to any meal. We all have a sweet tooth, and from time-to-time they must be given their fix!

Soda Pop Cupcakes/Cake

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Don’t have any more eggs in your house? The milk is gone too? This easy recipe does not require anything but cake mix and a can of soda.There are literally hundreds of combinations that you can do with this. You can even go low-calorie by using sugar free products.

Alcoholic Root Beer Float

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This ingenious combination produces a delicious beverage worthy of sharing. Conveniently enough, this recipe serves two!

A Bro’s Birthday Cake

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Your bro’s birthday approaching & you want to get him a cake without the hassle of actually getting him a cake? Give this novelty substitute a try.