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This category is the holy grail of recipe collections. Here you’ll find user-submitted recipes, as well as College Recipe original recipes that have been worthy of being featured on the homepage at some point in time.

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

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Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to incorporate fruit into your diet on those hot summer afternoons. This smoothie recipe takes no longer than 10 minutes to prepare, is super refreshing, healthy and perfecet for a hot summer day by the pool.

Lasagna Roll Ups

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Lasagna is a delicious Italian favorite, but usually only comes in one size: large. Instead, this recipe makes eight individual sized lasagna rolls using lighter ingredients and tasty ricotta cheese.

Summertime Spinach Salad

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This summer salad brings together healthy spinach, sweet fruit, and crunchy almonds for a quick and easy meal. This six ingredient salad is the perfect way to put together a delicious and wholesome meal in ten minutes or less.

Bacon Macaroni & Cheese

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While less of a sophisticated recipe and more of a recommended combination, Bacon Macaroni & Cheese is a dish that is sure to leave you satiated and satisfied. Delicious, simple and affordable, anyone can, and should, enjoy this dish sometime soon!

Buffalo Chicken Omelet

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Do you subscribe to the notion that certain meals are better if they make sweat bead up on your forehead? Perhaps even your upper lip? Even breakfast? Have you ever taken shots of tabasco just for the hell of it? Well then my friend, this is the omelet for you.

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