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Watching your figure? Or do you just feel sluggish from eating nothing but cold hot dogs and canned cheese for a week straight? Either way, you’re probably looking for something a tad on the lighter side, so why not give these healthier recipes a try?

Breakfast Egg & Cheese Quesadilla

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This simple breakfast Egg & Cheese Quesadilla recipe makes breakfast easy and delicious! This meal comes together in under 10 minutes, and is sure to be a great start to any day.

Bacon Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

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Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but with 8 a.m. classes it can be difficult to find time to make a healthy meal. This ten-minute recipe provides protein and healthy fats to help start your day right, and keep you going throughout the day. Toss the sandwich into a baggie and it is a great breakfast on the go!

Summer Salad with Salsa

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Mango Salsa is so delicious, why should one be limited to consume it only with caloric tortillas? Homemade Summer Salad with Salsa is a healthy, easy and refreshing choice on any hot summer day.

Summertime Spinach Salad

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This summer salad brings together healthy spinach, sweet fruit, and crunchy almonds for a quick and easy meal. This six ingredient salad is the perfect way to put together a delicious and wholesome meal in ten minutes or less.

The Italian Bruschetta

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Italy is famous for enticing us with a variety of carb-heavy dishes with its delicious pastas, lasagnas, raviolis and pizzas. However, Italy also offers a great a light lunch or small appetizer: the famous bruschettas. These are simply delicious and do not even require much kitchen work!