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Our Man Recipes our by designed by men, for men. These manly feasts are deliciously unhealthy and designed to fill your stomach with satisfaction. After consuming a Man Recipe, you will experience a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Super Cheesy Nachos

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Love cheese? Love nachos? Or are you just drunk and hungry? This simple fix will satisfy even your most intense cheese cravings.

Red Robin Ramen (RRR) Soup

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Ever enjoy a noodle free ramen soup using just the seasoning packet and water? Ever use two ramen seasoning packets with one serving of noodles to man up the flavor? Ever discretely taint your friend’s drink with one of those salty packets? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ve been left with a brick of hard noodles absent flavoring. We’ve discovered that in terms of Bro Math, Water + Noodles + Seasoning = Soup. So instead of tossing the noodles out or cutting back on your sodium intake and choking the plain noodles down, try this fix.

A Bro’s Birthday Cake

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Your bro’s birthday approaching & you want to get him a cake without the hassle of actually getting him a cake? Give this novelty substitute a try.

Chili Macarameni

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This recipe is simply the combination of two great dishes, Chili Top Ramen and Macaroni and Cheese. While you may be skeptical of this combination at first, once trying the dish you’ll wonder why you ever ate them individually.

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