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Hungry? But not “that” hungry? Need something to satiate your appetite? These quick and easy snacks will hold you over while you wait for your next real meal.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

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Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries are a great no-bake dessert that will leave you more than satisfied. Simple, delicious and easy to make, these addictive treats can even be made fat free!

Candied Bacon

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For centuries man has struggled with having to decide between eating bacon and eating dessert. Finally, the solution has made itself apparent- candied bacon! This tasty treat combines the best of meat and sweet. Give it a try!

Mexican Chili Dip

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Having friends over and want to impress them? Instead of just chips and salsa, have chips a delicious feast. This dip is hearty, looks great and, most importantly, is quick and easy to make!

Low Carb Eggs & Peppers Tortilla Wrap

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This healthy morning recipe is a fun project that produces a glorious finished dish. Low-carb and low-fat, enjoy this meal without regret.

Fruit Filled Ice Cream Cone

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Simple and delicious, this colorful combination is a great way to finish nearly any meal. Mix and match your favorite fruits to create your dream dessert. At a party, set out several fruit options to have a build-your-own-cone station!