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About Our Contributing Writers

CollegeRecipes’s Contributing Writers are college students and recent graduates from universities all across the United States. Our ‘writers’ are not limited to text as their only medium, and will soon be publishing a variety of video content including blog-style posts and instructional how-to’s. All of our writers are carefully selected, to ensure that they have passions for both food and online journalism.

Several of our writers have plans to pursue careers in either journalism or media production, and are using this experience to help build their professional portfolio and display their amazing abilities. Look into joining our team for more information, and apply here if you think you’ve got what it takes.

Every Wednesday starting June 5th, a Contributing Writer will be featured and profiled on the site. The goal with this is to show off how talented our writers are and to tell their personal stories. Check back each week!

In the meantime, check out each writer’s user profile below, which provides some basic information and shows the recipes and articles each has authored!