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Basic Cheeseburger

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Basic Cheeseburger, 4.1 out of 5 based on 18 ratings Print Recipe

Everyone should know how to cook themselves a good burger (McDonalds just doesn’t cut it). You can make it as complex or as simple as you want, but that’s another show—in this recipe we kept it simple. Go to it!


  • Ground beef — approximately 4 oz of beef per burger

  • Your cheese of choice: American, Swiss, Cheddar - 1-2 slices per burger

  • Hamburger Buns/Bread/Tortilla/Large Lettuce Leafs/Bagel/Biscuit/Bun-like-substance

  • Potential Seasonings: Salt, Pepper, Season Salt

  • Potential Enhancers: Condiments


  1. To begin, season your meat to taste. If unsure, less is always best. You can always season your meal more, but once 3 tbs. of salt has been added to your 4 ounce serving, salvaging an enjoyable meal will be difficult.

  2. Before this next step, wash your hands and use plastic gloves if desired. Form patties out of the raw beef. Create decent sized meat balls and gently press them into a fairly thin patty shape. The thinner the patty, the faster it will cook. The burger will shrink as grease is released, so account for this when forming your patties.

  3. Heat your stove-top to medium-high heat; if using a gas stove, achieve a medium flame. Allow the pan to momentarily preheat, and place your patty in the pan - the cooking process will begin.

  4. Using a spatula or other flipping utensil, test the burger's firmness by attempting to get under the patty with the utinzel. If the meat is too raw, attempting to flip it will result in a broken patty. Once firm, flip the patty to cook the opposite side. Ideally, you will only need to flip the patty once.

  5. As always, cook your meat thoroughly until it is firm and no longer pink.

  6. Apply condiments to your bun.

  7. Place the burger onto the bun. Top with cheese. Apply the top bun.

  8. Eat it. Feel good.

  9. Simple Enhancement Ideas: As your burger nears completion, flip it once more and quickly place the cheese atop of the patty. The cheese will melt on the hot side of the patty. Toast your bun by placing it on the cooking surface. Adding butter to the bun top or even gentling dipping it in the excess grease is a great way to add some additional flavor. Doubling it up with two patties and two pieces of cheese, as pictured, is also quite satisfying.

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