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Buffalo Chicken Omelet

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Do you subscribe to the notion that certain meals are better if they make sweat bead up on your forehead? Perhaps even your upper lip? Even breakfast? Have you ever taken shots of tabasco just for the hell of it? Well then my friend, this is the omelet for you.


  • 2-4 eggs (I always use 4, but then again, I'm told I eat a lot)

  • Leftover chicken, any form will do as long as it's deboned

  • Franks Buffalo Hot Sauce

  • Ranch Dressing

  • Shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese

  • Optional: leftover cooked rice (it's a great filler)

  • Seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion flakes

  • Additional Spices: liquid smoke (look it up, it will change your life), McKormick Pepper Blend (will also change your life)


  1. Preheat your nonstick pan. You do have a nonstick pan, right? Get one if you ever want to make a decent omelet. Without one you'll be stabbing at the burnt on mess you've created, and/or dabbing at your sad excuse of an omelet in an attempt to remove all the oil that was required to even make it semi-feasible. Medium to medium-high heat should do.

  2. Crack the eggs into a small bowl. With a fork, whisk the hell out of them until well blended.

  3. Begin adding your spices: a touch of salt, a bit more garlic powder, and then a bit more pepper, freshly ground if you can make it happen. Add just a few drops of the liquid smoke, it's more than potent. Add a good couple shakes of your onion flakes, and then finally, go to town with adding some of your McKormic pepper blend.

  4. At this point, normal omelets may call for a dash of milk to make it fluffier or lighter. But this is a hot omelet we're making, so why not substitute hot sauce? Pour in a little of your buffalo sauce and mix well. The mixture should now be as orange as the setting sun.

  5. Pour your egg mixture into the pan. If it made noise you're doing good, if not, your pan wasn't hot enough—lesson learned. It won't kill your omelet, but it's a lot easier to predict.

  6. With a nonstick-safe spatula, scrape different areas of the egg mixture around as it begins to solidify, turning the pan to fill the bare areas of the pan you created by scraping. After about 20-30 seconds of this, put your spatula down.

  7. Let the omelet cook on medium high heat for about 2-3 minutes. The top-most layers of the egg mixture should still be raw, but it's a great time to start adding your ingredients. If you opted for rice, sprinkle it with your hand over the entire egg mixture. This way it will get "baked into" the omelet.

  8. Add your leftover chicken. I generally stick to the right side of the omelet only for the chicken as to make it easier to fold later. Pour hot sauce over top of the chicken you just added (right side only). If you can no longer see egg on the right side of your pan, you're doing it right.

  9. On the left side of the omelet, we'll add our ranch dressing. Drizzle it across your remaining canvas, as much or as little as you want. Then top with cheese.

  10. At this point, tilt your pan to see if you still have runny egg mixture. If you do, cover the pan with a large lid and turn the heat to low, as to avoid over-cooking the bottom.

  11. Now comes the folding. With your spatula, carefully lift the left side of the omelet, bit by bit to ensure it's loose. If it is, stick your spatula under the 9 o'clock position of your omelet and lift up and over. You may splash hot sauce over the sides of the pan, but who cares? It's your roommates turn to do dishes.

  12. Were you successful in folding it? Great job! No? Better luck next time. The good news it's still edible. Flip your prize onto a plate, carefully of course as to avoid spraying hot sauce all over your kitchen and enjoy!

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