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Low Carb Eggs & Peppers Tortilla Wrap

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This healthy morning recipe is a fun project that produces a glorious finished dish. Low-carb and low-fat, enjoy this meal without regret.

Bacon, Ham & Cheese English Muffin

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This fix is protein-packed and morning-friendly. With a short-five minute preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast and still have time to shower!

Fruit Filled Ice Cream Cone

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Simple and delicious, this colorful combination is a great way to finish nearly any meal. Mix and match your favorite fruits to create your dream dessert. At a party, set out several fruit options to have a build-your-own-cone station!

Quick Chili with Fritos

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Less of a recipe, more of a combination of delicious items, this dish is the perfect late-night indulgence for any college student. Cheap and easy to prepare, you won’t regret giving this one a try!

Halloween Orange Soda Cupcakes

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This festive dessert is sure to go over well at any Halloween get-together. With just 3 ingredients, there’s no need to fear this easy recipe!